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Shaprell Davis

My name is Shaprell Davis. I'm from Long Branch, NJ and I attended Long Branch High School from which I graduated in 2004.

I am currently a political science major; a major I feel gives me the best preparation for my career goals. I hope to become a Foreign Service Officer and work in United States embassies throughout the world. Here at school, I have worked as an Office Assistant in the residence halls and administrative offices since my sophomore year. I volunteer at the local soup kitchen and for a year I was the president of a sorority interest group. The Harcourt Scholarship has given me an opportunity which I would not have had otherwise - the opportunity to attend college. Because of the Harcourt Foundation, I have a chance to pursue my dreams.

Founded in 1962 by Ellen Knowles Harcourt
Enabling disadvantaged young people to attain an education that would lead to
"worthwhile work and creditable citizenship" (EKH).

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