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Jimmy Estrada

My name is Jimmy Estrada and I was born in Flushing Queens, NY and from there my family and I have moved around a lot until we finally settled down in Lakewood, NJ. I graduated from Lakewood High School in 2007 and since my graduation my life has changed a lot. Coming to The College of New Jersey was a big change for me, not so much because of the workload, but because it was a different environment than I was used to, but for the better. Throughout high school, I was not around a lot of people who were very self-motivated. There were many who did not care as much about school or did not have a plan for after high school graduation. So the change in people around me was very positive because it gave me extra motivation to do better. As a Mechanical Engineering major, this motivation is very important because of the tough curriculum. Not only that but pursuing engineering or any major requires desire. My reason for choosing Mechanical Engineering is because that field interests me a lot. Even as a child, I always took things a part and put them back together for the fun of it, or simply to understand it. Designing new technology or even thinking of solutions to our world's problems is what I want to do.

After college, I plan to work with a big time engineering company and eventually pursue a Master's Degree. I also hope to work with a company that has a lot of career upward mobility. Not only that but also plan to give back to my community as much as I can and if possible, using my company's resources. That is one thing I enjoy doing, giving back to my community. That is why throughout college, I have participated in several community service events through Bonners and fraternities. Other than community service, I have also tried to stay involved other ways such as being the Pre-College Initiative Zone Chairperson for the National Society of Black Engineers. I have also tried to attend as many events and presentations on campus that my schedule allows.

Receiving the Harcourt Scholarship has meant a lot to me. For one thing, it felt very good knowing that my hard work in high school has paid off and was recognized by such as prestigious award. Furthermore, having received this scholarship, it puts less stress on my mother and I about how I am going to pay for my college education. I am very grateful for my scholarship because it allows me to focus more on my education and worry less about the financial aspect.

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