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Felicia Lopez

My name is Felicia Lopez and I am from East Orange, New Jersey. I graduated from East Orange Campus High School in 2006 and I am currently a junior at The College of New Jersey.

I chose to major in Psychology because I am passionate about the multiple approaches developed in order to service people in need. I aspire to attain my Bachelor’Äôs Degree in Psychology and go on to get my Masters in Clinical Social Work. I am a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer County, NJ and currently work as a Direct Support Professional at SERV Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.

Receiving the Harcourt Scholarship is one of the best things that have happened to me in my educational career. The scholarship enables me to focus my energy on school work instead of worrying about how many loans I have to get in order to pay for college, etc. Furthermore, the one-on-one advisement has helped me to envision and achieve my educational success. Due to the Harcourt Scholarship, I greatly appreciate the value of my education because with all the current budget cuts to higher education, this opportunity is one in a million.

Founded in 1962 by Ellen Knowles Harcourt
Enabling disadvantaged young people to attain an education that would lead to
"worthwhile work and creditable citizenship" (EKH).

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