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Anthony Grullon

My name is Anthony Grullon. I was born and raised in Paterson N.J. I attended Garrett Morgan Academy, a small high-school based on engineering and technology; this provided the foundation to my infatuation with engineering. I am obsessed with the way things work, constantly asking why?. For this reason in a not too distant future, I aspire to gain an undergraduate degree in engineering. Eventually I plan on working in the field of design, creating technologies that make the daily lives of people easier. Today I attend The College of New Jersey, majoring in electrical engineering. With such demanding major I still find time to take part in Rugby and as a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Having the privilege of being a Harcourt scholar has been a great opportunity, greatly helping me in realizing my dreams.

Founded in 1962 by Ellen Knowles Harcourt
Enabling disadvantaged young people to attain an education that would lead to
"worthwhile work and creditable citizenship" (EKH).

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