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Angelika Gutierrez

My name is Angelika Gutierrez and I'm from Jersey City, New Jersey. The high school I attended was Saint Dominic Academy. Currently, I'm a Sociology major with a Women and Gender Studies minor at The College of New Jersey. When I graduate I hope to go on to Graduate School for Pubic Health and International Medicine. My ultimate goal is to create International Medical Clinics for people without the resources.

I'm involved with many organizations on campus such as the Ambassador Program, Gospel Choir Ministries, Union Latina and Women In Learning and Leadership. This year I have the honor of being the President for Union Latina. It is a multicultural organization on campus whose mission is to spread awareness about the Latino community and culture through educational, political, and social events. These programs and organizations allow me to express my passion for TCNJ in multiple ways and give back to the campus as well.

Receiving the Harcourt Scholarship has truly been a blessing. It has given me the opportunity to receive one of the greatest things I value, my education. With this education, I know my International Medical Clinics will become a reality. Thank you Harcourt!


Founded in 1962 by Ellen Knowles Harcourt
Enabling disadvantaged young people to attain an education that would lead to
"worthwhile work and creditable citizenship" (EKH).

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